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New payers - try to get ahead of competitors

Опубликовано: 12.12.2019

What often infuriated me in affiliate programs was lack of professionalism and lack of imagination. It was especially amusing to watch all this in the spring, when schoolchildren ran to the wave of super-profits with their shit scripts “make an affiliate program in five minutes”. There were not only errors and typos on the main one, they just tear payers to zero from other systems. As a result, there were almost no new products that should be paid attention to. Maximum ingenuity - insert your photo in a frame from a film for 900 rubles. Longing ... It is good that serious systems work differently, and shkolota was gradually supplanted from the niche.

For example, recently went to www. smartbucks ru and rejoiced at the news - two new payers for combined traffic appeared at once. Who does not know, Smart is a leader in the dating segment (adult dating). These payers have always succeeded very successfully, and the very number of landings is amazing - there is any format with different designs and other nice features for the webmaster. But this time, Smart surpassed himself - here they made payers who are equally well suited for dating and adult traffic. In principle, this is the newest combination - creative, which many have been waiting for a long time from affiliate programs. You may also be interested in get 50 free instagram likes, more detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the link.

New payers on www. smartbucks ru by default dating, but on them adult traffic perfectly converts. It's all about serving. The non-standard format is that a land has been made for those who prefer non-standard sex. That is, not blue and lesbians, but sadomaso lovers, gangbangs, fetishists and others. Of course, if you more or less work with an adult, it is well known that such videos and photos are also a separate segment that is in great demand. Since it is written on the new Smart payers that there are not only profiles on the site, but also a private video of users, there are many who want to register in order to amuse themselves with “home exclusive”. Great is also a plus for traffic on the theme of virtual - lovers of such fun have not yet been extinct.

Best on new payers convert adult and dating traffic on low frequencies, but this is already a stable phenomenon. You can work with banners and teasers, but you will need to strictly filter the sites on which such advertising will be posted. Well, do not forget about the traffic, which you may have already forgotten about - I have what used to go exclusively to slag, gives good plus results. In short, new formats rule! I will wait for Smart to please something else.